Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Interview - Cameron Foster: Round 2

He's back! Yes, Cameron Foster is back on the Heartthrob Hero Blog with another fun interview just for all of you. We had a tremendous response to our first interview with the blond Adonis, so it only made sense to bring him back in 2013. In this interview we go over his return to webcamming, his bodybuilding pursuits and a new product that he's hoping to launch with your help. Enjoy!

1. Thanks for coming back for another interview. You are hands down the most popular model we've featured on the blog to date. What response and feedback did you get to the very honest interview you did with us back in October 2012?

Cameron: "Thank you for having me. I got great response and feedback. I honestly had no idea I had such great support and I love it!"

2. Since we'd last spoken, you've opened up a website with your other half Delilah Blue, Qlimatic. What can you tell us about it?

Cameron: "Yes we have a site together that has lots of different options such a shows, personal training, pictures and about us etc. It has been fun and was created due to requests from fans. Its kind of like a base for my current stuff until a new site."

3. Speaking of Delilah, she's started appearing in solos and girl/girl scenes. With your adult experience, what tips or advice have you given her?

Cameron: "Yes she has. I told her there are good people in the industry but to also be careful because shady stuff can happen if your not being smart (its porn after all)  lol told her I could be her Security ; )"

4. When we last interviewed you, you were going through some turmoil with a manager, has that all been cleared up?

Cameron: "Yes it has cleared up nicely because I got lucky and got my twitter and emails back after he tried shutting them down."

5. I know you've been training hard to compete in Men's Physique. How was that been going? Have you got your sights set on a particular competition?

Cameron: "Yes I have been. I am going to be entering until I win : )  Right now physique but I would love to do bodybuilding."

6. We've seen you in a few group adult scenes as of late, are those fun to shoot or do you prefer 1-on-1 scenes?

Cameron: "I prefer 1-on-1 scenes (I can be a hopeless romantic)"

7. What's the current status of your adult career?

Cameron: "Honestly not sure. I do have a passion for being in front of the camera (whatever that may be) I am more recently focused currently with a new health drink I have. It has apple cider vinegar, natural energy, amino acids and taste great! I just currently need help with finances to get it started. so created this page here"

8. You've made a return to The Cam Guys, do you enjoy being able to interact with your fans via webcam? Is it a rush being able to turn your fans on in real time?

Cameron: "Yes I have made some returns to web webcam modelling. I do enjoy interacting with great fans. I honestly feel so comfortable in the camera. Last time I received a rush was when I am driving a car or bike over 160 mph (I can be a speed junky but I am safe about it now)."

9. What's next for Cameron Foster?

Cameron: "Well I want to have a new health drink and eventually an awesome gym like no other for people. I also want to become a winner of fitness competitions following slightly in Arnold's shadow."

10. Would you like to say anything to your fans and Heartthrob Hero readers?

Cameron: "Thank you for doing this blog on me, I appreciate my great fans,supports, and everyone with Heartthrob Hero! I could not have made it this far without the love and support from others. Thank you very much : )"

Random Rapid Fire Questions.
1. Item you can't leave home without? Car keys (walking is overrated unless your on the beach in my opinion ha)
2. Last movie you saw? White Chicks with Delilah. Very excited to watch the new Superman movie.
3. Favourite exercise? Bicep curl (its so easy to grow my arms, lol I have to limit it or else I cant hold a cell phone to my ear)
4. Favourite gadget? My Mac right now, but I do want a jet pack one day.
5. Where do you go to unwind?  Top of a mountain or beach
6. Favourite superhero? Batman and Superman. If I could be both in 1, I would.
7. Still prefer going commando? Yes Sir! I just like being free : ) I do enjoy wearing different underwear for photo shoots, films  and etc. Also sometimes a must for the gym.

Thanks again to Cameron for taking part in another great interview. Don't forget to show Cameron some love and help out with raising funds for his new health drink via GoFundMe at Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @cameronfosterx


  1. i usually dont like the interview, find them forced or find the person lacking, but from this interview, CF is one model i will continue to follow with interest. seems like the type you would want to know as a friend.