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Interview - Mike Schiemer: Frugally Fit for 2013

As we inch closer to the end of 2012, we figured that we'd bring back our favourite fitness guru, Mike "Frugal Fitness" Schiemer. 2012 was a great year for Mike and in this interview, we'll go over all of his accomplishments in this year and his goals for his brand in 2013. Also, if one of your New Year's resolutions is to get into shape, Mike has got some great tips to help keep you on track. As always, the interview is accompanied by some great pictures. So not only will you learn a lot of helpful fitness tips, you'll have some quality beefcake to drool over too!

1. Have you always been a goal-oriented person?

Mike: "I've always been very goal-oriented. I have always into getting things done, being the best, or just improving in certain areas or tasks. It's usually a good thing but you also need to take it easy on yourself and not beat yourself up if you make a mistake, hit a snag, or don't succeed immediately."

2. Getting into shape and being more fit is a common New Year's Resolution, how would you advise people to stay on track and see
their fitness resolutions through?

Mike: "To achieve their New Year's Resolutions and stay on track I would advise a few simple tips. Make sure your goal is realistic / attainable, set several short and long term goals, and really plan exactly how they are going to achieve it. Sometimes it is also helpful to keep a log (written, online, video, whatever) of your progress and even tell people about your goal to keep yourself more accountable."

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3. For those looking to get into shape for 2013, what would you say are key things for them to keep in mind when setting fitness 

Mike: "Make sure they are attainable goals, what changes have to be made, and the realization that it will be very difficult and they will have to overcome many obstacles to achieve it."

4. As a personal trainer, what would you say are the biggest reasons that people looking to make significant fitness changes for the 
new year should seek out a trainer?

Mike: "To me, the most important reasons to seek out a personal trainer are mental and physical health. Individuals with the usual major health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, surgery, etc and also individuals that have high levels of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or low-self-esteem. All of these individuals should also combine their personal training services with proper medical professionals to see the best results. Just make sure the personal trainer is educated and cares about your well-being and not just their paycheck."

5. Did getting into a fitness oriented lifestyle have positive effects on other aspects of your life?

Mike: "The fitness lifestyle has had many positive effects on my life. Besides being one of my major careers, it has helped me to build up self-esteem, help other people improve their lives, kept me mentally sane, and given me a lot more opportunities with women haha. I know personality is most important but improving your physique can definitely help you at least get your foot in the door, so to speak."

6. The fitness and health industry is always changing, what new things did you learn and discover in 2012?

Mike: "That is a great question and an excellent point. The fitness industry is really still in its infancy compared to other more traditional areas, so there is always a ton more to learn. This year I learned a great deal from the benefits of Paleo and gluten-free diets, to the need for optimal footwear (upgraded my Under Armour cross-trainers to my much better Reeboks and I can run much much better and less ankle pain), and all about CrossFit workouts. I also learned a lot of new good and bad things about the dietary supplement industry. The education process never ends and if you stop learning new things you are in trouble in the fitness industry."

7. What were the biggest accomplishments for you and your Frugal Fitness brand in 2012?

Mike: "It was a crazy year with some amazing events and some very low points as well. I'm just happy to be alive and healthy and very grateful for all I have. Some highlights of the year would be great new sponsors, several features and articles on, selling thousands of Frugal Fitness eBooks all around the world in several languages, getting my Registered Trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, getting sober for good (nearly 1 year now!), creating my own fitness equipment invention (that is on the back-burner now though), and most importantly having the opportunity to meet and/or work with some great new people like yourself! The ability to be able to help others improve their lives is a huge honor for me that I don't take lightly."

8. What have you got in the works for Frugal Fitness for 2013?

Mike: "Frugal Fitness has some great new stuff in the mix for 2013. Hopefully The Frugal Workout book expanded and published in Paperback, some new Fitness Modeling professional pictures, new interviews and co-stars for Frugal Fitness TV, another 200 new videos, and hopefully some more mainstream success and recognition!"

Random Rapid Fire Questions
1. Best Christmas gift ever? GPS for my car. I have the worst sense of direction and mediocre driving skills so it changed my life 6 years ago when I got my first one.
2. Worst Christmas gift ever? Socks. I have over 100 pairs of socks, so I just recently gave about 80 pairs to Good Will haha.
3. Favourite exercise? Bicep Curls!
4. Favourite breakfast food? Love me some chocolate protein shakes in skim milk in the morning. Or if I'm going unhealthy, scrambled eggs with bacon and wheat toast w/ butter. I don't do that as often as I used to though
5. Biggest gym pet peeve? 'm not a big fan of people going at about 1 mile per hour on the treadmill or elliptical while texting or talking on their smart phone. Or gym-goers that wear $300 workout ensembles and gear yet have no clue how to properly workout. Also not the biggest fan of overly aggressive, ignorant, or out of shape personal trainers (makes us all look bad), or unnecessarily loud screamers/grunters at the gym. Its ok to do so a little bit at times, but I've seen and heard some crazy stuff and it's pretty annoying (but also hilarious at times too)
6. What would someone have to do to impress you or get your attention? I am impressed by innovation, work ethic, dedication, high fitness level, good sense of humor, and down to earth attitude so people who exhibit these traits get or keep my attention.
7. Who would you most like to find under the Mistletoe? Oh man I don't know these days, probably won't be anybody this year but someday a woman that I'm attracted to physically and emotionally and hopefully it will be meaningful. There's always next year, and this is one goal that can't be rushed :)

Once again, many thanks to Mike for being so gracious with his time and providing us with another interview. We know you all are just as excited as we are to see Mike and his Frugal Fitness brand hit new heights in 2013. If you aren't already, be sure to follow him on Twitter @MikeSchiemer and check out the Frugal Fitness Youtube Channel: and the Frugal Fitness website:

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