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Interview - Jon Cutler: Prime Cut Returns

He's back! This interview has been a longtime in the making but finally, "Prime Cut" Jon Cutler is back on the Heartthrob Hero Blog. The luscious Canadian Adonis has swapped his wrestling trunks for posing trunks and has been starting to make waves in the bodybuilding world. In this interview, we discuss his first bodybuilding competition, the prospect of him doing more modelling and yes, if he'll back in the world of professional wrestling. And of course, there are plenty of sexy pictures for you all to enjoy.

1. Since we last interviewed you back in August of 2012, you competed in your first bodybuilding competition this past March. What prompted you to enter your first bodybuilding competition?

Jon: "I have followed bodybuilding for years; I remember buying the Arnold Encyclopedia, Pumping Iron and numerous Flex or Muscle & Fitness Magazines. I had always planned on competing one day and I figured that it was a good time since I was not concentrating on wrestling. I still enjoy looking back at bodybuilders from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and how the sport has progressed."

2. You were obviously no stranger to the gym before, how did the training for your competition vary from your regular training?

Jon: "Well, I would say the nutrition part really is what changed the most. My approach to the gym slightly changed though from Off-Season to Contest Preparation time. Off-Season you want to pack on size and prep time I did a lot more higher reps and lest rest in between sets to really keep the heart rate up. It was a learning experience the first time through.  Definitely a lot goes into it and nutrition is just one part, albeit a major part."

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3. What was going through your head as you stepped on stage for the first time? Were you nervous?

Jon: "Nervous..me? Heck no, I mean I was amped up and maybe nervous a bit for being on a totally new stage. But I knew once I got out there and heard the crowd I would feel at home again. Now that being said there is nothing like a wrestling crowd, but the high was close...the people really appreciated the hard work."

4. What was the process like in coming up with your posing routine? Were you inspired by anyone?

Jon: "Well...honestly the posing routine was where I was most comfortable; I mean I love to entertain so it was no big stretch in going from the ring to posing on stage. I watched a few different guys, but as for more current I watched Jay Cutler and Kai Greene to get a feel for how to piece it together."

5. Did the thrill of being on-stage compare at all to the rush of wrestling in front of a crowd?

Jon: "I think I inadvertently just answered that but yeah, it compared...it was a thrill and since I hadn’t experienced the wrestling crowd for some time it was a nice substitute. Kind of like getting a no-name brand of ketchup to the real deal Heinz. Almost as good but just wasn’t the same. A wrestling crowd can really be electric."

6. Were you surprised at all by the outpouring of support from friends and fans as you competed for the first time?

Jon: "You know you would think I am used to the support from my friends and fans. But honestly, it still surprises me how great the people who follow me are and just how supportive they are. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that. I will always be appreciative of it."

7. Now that you've been through your first competition, are you planning on competing again?

Jon: "Well, the idea is to compete again in 2014. So I will have to keep everyone up to date when I make that decision."

8. Coming out of your competition, you took part in a few photo shoots. What were those experiences like? Do you see yourself doing more modelling?

Jon: "Lol, well I have done photos before. But I have never been super comfortable in front of the camera. Always thinking, ok where should I put my hands?? Should I smile?? Etc. It seems a lot of photos that people like are the ones when the photographer caught me in between shots, lol. Both guys I worked with made it super easy and comfortable. They each do some tremendous work and have a talent for photography. Thanks Red Avenue Photography and Chris V Linton Photography. I suppose if people wanted me for modelling, I would definitely be open to it."

9. With your look and charisma, do you see yourself pursuing acting or stunt work projects in the future?

Jon: "If the opportunity ever came up, yes. I have had the opportunity for some acting and well, stunt work is a lot of what wrestling can be sometimes. So both avenues would be cool to pursue. Again, if someone were interested I would be open to it."

10. You seem to really take your position as a role model very seriously and seem to really enjoy giving back to your community. Can you tell us about the great work you do?

Jon: "I enjoy having kids look up to me, I remember what it was like growing up and having people who I looked up to. I am no saint, but I try to set a good example. That being said, what you see is what you get with me, I don’t hide who I am from people. Working with troubled youth or youth who need a helping hand...that I really enjoy. I have no disillusions about the effect I can have. I just try to make a difference when I can for youth and try giving them an alternative route in their lives that will lead to better things. It definitely gives me great satisfaction to hear about some of the success stories, whether I had a hand in them or not."

11. What's next for Jon Cutler?

Jon: "Guess we will see...I know I want to compete another time. To answer the other hidden question, I don’t know about wrestling. Yes, it’s true I made an appearance back in January for a promotion filming television as a special enforcer. I guess for me I just always need a goal, something to strive for. So you can bet I am not done with everything yet."

Random Rapid Fire Questions.
1. Funniest thing that's ever happened during a photo shoot?
Jon: Rubber band broke while doing curls and yep, my hand shot up and hit me in the face.

2. Song you can't get out of your head?
Jon: J Cole – Workout and Brad Paisley – Beat This Summer; I can’t really say while they seem to be both stuck in my mind.

3. What can a girl do to impress you?
Jon: Be attractive but also down to earth. It’s great when they are hot, but don’t see it themselves.

4. Last movie you saw?
Jon: Pain & Gain...next up, Superman

5. Favourite exercise?
Jon: I don’t know if it’s actually considered exercise, lol.

6. Where do you go to unwind?
Jon: Gym...that’s “my time” or for a drive

7. Dream vacation destination?
Jon: Hawaii, always will be a favourite for me.

8. Favourite/Best pick-up line?
Jon: Never used one, can’t say anyone has ever used a line on me either, though I am pretty oblivious to that stuff, lol.

Thanks again to Jon for doing another interview for us. He's a Heartthrob Hero Blog favourite, so we'll definitely be keeping you posted on Jon's career. Don't forget, you can check him out more by following him on Twitter: @thejoncutler, reading his revamped official website: http://www.joncutler.com.website and by liking his Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/primecutjoncutler.

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