Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Jerome Pitters by Chris Teel

Jerome Pitters was referred to Toronto based photographer Chris Teel by another model that has shot with Teel on a number of occasions. This was Jerome's first professional photo shoot and he impressed Teel with his ability to take direction, his natural poses and his ability to find his light.

When asked for his thoughts on how the shoot went, this is what Jerome had to say: "The shoot was great, felt right at home the moment I started to the moment I finished. Felt free to bring out any natural modelling tendencies during the shoot. Quality lighting, facade, location and images. Enjoyed my first photo shoot and definitely helped build my confidence in front of the camera as well as my portfolio."

Hopefully this is the start of a blossoming modelling career for Jerome and fingers crossed that we'll get to see him work with Chris Teel again in the near future.

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