Sunday, 18 November 2012

Interview - Nick Hird: Team Hirdy All The Way

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

Gentlemen (and ladies), you may not have been familiar with Nick Hird before today, but I assure you, you will definitely be a huge fan of his going forward. Nick Hird is a 23 year old fitness/underwear model and fitness enthusiast. His hunky good looks and friendly personality have been gaining him quite the fan following through social media. In this interview we discuss how he got into modelling, what it's like to suddenly have fans and who he looks up to in the fitness industry, among other things. So sit back, relax and enjoy the interview.

1. When did you first get involved in the modelling world?

Nick: "I was 18 when I did my first shoot."

2. Do you remember your first big modelling gig?

Nick: "Yeah - I was at one of my ex's lingerie shoots and while she was getting changed the photographer asked me to jump in and have some pics done!"

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

3. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a model?

Nick: "Probably fronting an underwear ad campaign, it was called Alick Alexander (I was only young though!)"

4. When did your interest in health and fitness develop?

Nick: "I injured my ankle playing rugby - but needed something to take its place to get rid of my aggression : the gym fit the bill perfect!"

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

5. What keeps you motivated to train hard?

Nick: "The desire to better myself - in anything I do - I always aim to do more and go further. Also #teamhirdy motivate me."

6. Are there any songs you like to listen to when you train?

Nick: "Anything from the rocky soundtracks!! Prodigy, some green day - or believe it or not, James Brown when I'm kickboxing!!"

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

7. You've developed quite the following on-line through social media. How did you come up with Team Hirdy? Do you enjoy the fan interaction?

Nick: "Team Hirdy started from David - one of my most supportive followers - it grew and grew!! I absolutely love it - it's weird to think I have fans, but they are amazing and I love them all - they push me massively."

8. How does it feel to know that you are seen as a sex symbol by both male and female fans?

Nick: "I didn't know I was?!  But if that is the case it feels brilliant!!"

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

9. Are there any other fitness models or bodybuilders that you look up to? 

Nick: "I would say Ronnie Coleman and Rob riches - both for different reasons but they are unbelievable!!"

10. What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your footsteps and break into modelling?

Nick: "Find out what works well for you - then work with that look - also just to be persistent - sign up to a modelling website (ModelMayhem for example) and try get some networking done."

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

11. What does the future hold for you?

Nick: "God knows! I take things a day at a time - big things I hope!!"

Random Rapid Fire Questions.

1. Last movie you saw in the theatre? James Bond
2. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
3. Favourite quote? You can make excuses - or you can get results, you can't do both.
4. Favourite piece of workout equipment? Chin up bar for hanging leg raises!
5. Where do you go to unwind? I stay in - or go for a run!! How sad?!
6. Funniest thing that's ever happened during a shoot? Bits popping out when they shouldn't - or shooting with Justin Tayler it is constantly funny!!
7. Favourite supplement company?  My Protein
8. Least favourite exercise? Cleans!

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

A huge thanks to Nick for doing this great interview for the blog. You can join Team Hirdy and also get great tips and progress pics on Twitter at @hirdymodel and at his website

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