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Interview - Johnny Kashmere: Profundity Personified

With a name like Johnny Kashmere, how could you not love him? Johnny Kashmere is an outspoken heartthrob that made his name wrestling on the independent scene. His BackSeat Boyz tag team thrilled audiences for years and gained him quite the loyal following. We're thrilled to bring you this fun interview, discussing how he got his start in wrestling, what made his team with Trent Acid really catch on with the fans and his future plans and projects.

1. When did you first become a fan of professional wrestling? Who were your favourite wrestlers prior to you getting into the business?

Johnny: "I have been a fan of pro wrestling since I was four years old.  My grandmother would babysit me on Saturday nights and she would always have NWA/WCW Saturday Night on. I remember her really hating the Russian faction with a passion. From then on I was hooked, but I must admit WWF was always my favourite, even through the Monday Night Wars I stayed loyal to WWE and was in the crowd the night Foley won the title and the ratings tipped into WWE's favour again.

My favourite was always The Undertaker hands down. Honourable mentions go to Mr Perfect, Randy Savage, and Jake Roberts. Today my favourite active pro wrestlers are Chris Hamrick, David Kid Kash, Tyson Kidd, and Dolph Ziggler. I used to respect the "larger than life" aspect when I was young, but now I tend to like the great "workers"."

2. How did you get your start in wrestling?

Johnny: "I started wrestling on events in Bordentown, NJ in 1998 while I was still untrained! I wrestled four matches in three months and then went to the Pitbulls gym in South Philly to get formally trained. I trained for a month on the mats before I ever entered a ring except to bump. I would train Monday thru Thursday and this went on for years and years. I was lucky that I was located in NJ and could wrestle in Philly and NY since they are huge wrestling markets."

You can read more of the interview and drool over Johnny's pictures after the break.

3. How did the Johnny Kashmere name come to be?

Johnny: "I laugh whenever I get asked this question lmao. Its actually my real name, seriously no lie."

4. You are perhaps best known for your time teaming with Trent Acid as The Backseat Boyz. Looking back, what do you think led to The Backseat Boyz striking a chord with fans of independent wrestling?

Johnny: "Timing. Timing def played a huge part in our fan appeal. The BackStreet Boys had just released their huge "White Album" and their live songs were available at Burger King for a limited time when we gained our popularity. Donnie Bucci, the NWA NJ Booker, thought of the BackSeat Boyz gimmick and handpicked Trent Acid and myself to be in the group. Also this was the time period where Edge/Christian, The Hardys, and The Dudleys were tearing it up on PPV in their awesome series of high-risk ladder matches. Trent and myself adopted the Ladder as our main prop to spice up our matches, the crowd was pleased."

5. You publicly came out a few years back, did you face any negativity from other wrestlers or wrestling fans?

Johnny: "With the fans, its only helped. With promoters and wrestlers, I think I have a stigma on me a bit, but I'm willing to live with it."

6. Do you feel the wrestling landscape will evolve to a point where there could be an openly gay main event star?

Johnny: "I think it already has, but no one realizes it yet. If any of the top WWE guys revealed they were gay, they would only further endear themselves to the audience IMHO."

7. What's next for Johnny Kashmere?

Johnny: "Right now I'm in school for DMS (Diagnostic Medical Sonography) and I help book the PGW (Pro Gay Wrestling) in Las Vegas. My new radio show called "Johnny Kashmere's Wake Up Call" is live every Friday night at 8pm Eastern Time at WildTalkRadio.com. After the live broadcast, you can listen to the archive for free anytime on my Youtube.com/TheJohnnyKashmere page. Once I'm finished school, I plan to return to pro wresting first as a promoter and then as a wrestler.  I'm always more creative and happiest when I'm running my own shows and not dealing with the lame indy politics and guys that think they run the business. (*cough Gabe Sapolsky cough*). Reach me on Twitter @JohnnyKashmere by the way."

Random Rapid Fire Questions.

1. Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage? MegaPowers that made MegaBucks
2. Song you can't get out of your head? The themes of Weeds (little boxes) and Boss (Satan your kingdom must come down)
3. Strangest request from a fan? My underwear
4. Dream tag partner? Trent Acid
5. Dream opponent? Rik Ratchet
6. Boxers or briefs? Boxer-Briefs actually
7. Item you can't leave home without... My earphones so I can listen to Coast to Coast AM broadcasts on Youtube.

Thanks again to Johnny for taking part in this interview. If you liked what you read and you want more, check out Johnny's show "Johnny Kashmere's Wake Up Call" on WildTalkRadio.com and on Youtube.com/TheJohnnyKashmere. Also, go ahead and give him a follow on Twitter @JohnnyKashmere to keep up with what he's got going on and if you enjoy insightful thoughts.

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