Friday, 28 September 2012

Interview - Marcus London: Star of Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning

Marcus London is the consummate professional. He writes, directs, produces, stays in top shape and delivers some of the best sex scenes in the adult industry. Marcus is the mastermind behind Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning, an epic adult feature that is set to turn the industry upside down and set a new standard. Luckily, Marcus was willing to do an interview with us and we touch on how Spartacus came to be, his stripper past and his thoughts on his gay fan base, among other things. Enjoy!

1. Were you a fan of porn prior to getting into the industry? Did you have any favourite adult stars? 

Marcus: "Yes, I was. Not sure fan is a good word, but I watch it and Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Seka,  basically all the classic stars."

2. I'd read that you were a male stripper pre-porn. How long were you a dancer? Did you enjoy that? 
Marcus: "I was a dancer for about 8 years and loved stripping and was damn good at it too! Did my own stage shows and some with a troupe of guys."

3. How did you get your start in the adult industry? 

Marcus: "I was just modelling first and got some nude work then asked to do a soft-core shoot. Next I was doing mags and hardcore layouts."

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4. For the most part, the men in straight adult films tend to be seen as an after thought and really don't get much recognition. You are one of the few men in the industry that can definitely be referred to as a "star", due to your strong fan following. Is it flattering to know that you have such a loyal fan base? 

Marcus: "I didn't really know I had much of a fan following to be honest, but if that is true then I do appreciate the support very much. Its nice to know what i do is not in-vein."

5. A large portion of your fan base is gay men. How does it feel knowing that you are a sex symbol and icon to not only female porn watchers, but gay men as well? 

Marcus: "I look at being attractive by all types is a form of flattery. Gay or straight, male or female."

6. We've seen you in gonzo films and in more story driven features. You are definitely one of the adult film stars that has serious acting chops. Do you prefer being in features and telling a story or do you prefer just getting down to business? 

Marcus: "I love to act and would drop a sex scene for a good acting role in a heart beat, as I feel it does more for me."

7. How did you come up with the idea of Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning? 

Marcus: "I decided the xxx symbol that was used at the end of the Spartacus title was too porn and cheapened what to me is a movie so much better than just another fuck flick. This is cinema for an adult audience that is looking for more than just to get off quickly. This is a film that has feeling, meaning, sexual content, heart and good acting with a story and sets to match."

8. Personally, I've never been as excited for an adult film as I have been for Spartacus. What has been the reception from fans and people in the industry? Do you feel like your film will shake things up?

Marcus: "Its great to know people are looking forward to this movie because of all the time and effort we put in to this production. I hope that will be remembered as much as the sex and the styling of this movie and I hope it will shake the very foundations of the porn coliseum and make all those big companies and directors alike stop to see that we may be just performers that direct on occasion, but we have the passion to create anything we want without rules and red tape because no one pulls our strings."

9. With the epic fight scenes, terrific costumes and elaborate sets, making Spartacus must've been quite the undertaking. How long did it take to make this film?

Marcus: "After we decided to make this film and I had the script ready, we looked at what was needed and realised we would have to make 80% of the props, sets and costume armour, and weapons to do this film justice. From then on, it took over 4 months to make everything and 6 days to shoot the full movie with a further 5 months to edit it."

10. This is a joint release between London Gunn Films and Miko Lee Productions. What was it like working so closely with both Miko Lee and Tommy Gunn? 

Marcus: "Well me and Tommy and Tony have done this a few times, not on such a large scale. but its always fun and easy. And with Miko kindly to the the helm as our executive producer and star, things just got better and moved along without a hitch."

11. We'd heard rumblings of that there might be a possible gay take on Spartacus. Is that still in the cards? What would be your involvement with that? 

Marcus: "The fact is we wanted some gay scenes in this movie to keep it in line with the feel of that day and age, but we were greeted with a lot of negative responses by the companies that might sell the production, so we changed our minds. But if i can find an investor or companies with some balls, I would like to make the version with all types of sex in or even just a gay version that I would direct all the action and dialogue stuff and bring in a pro to direct the sex scenes."

12. What do you think sets you apart from other adult film directors? 

Marcus: "Simply cos I care about movie making, not about what I am getting paid."

13. What's next for Marcus London and London Gunn Films?

Marcus: "Spartacus part 2 and some secret projects, plus a few mainstream movies we are working on shooting at the end of this year."

Random Rapid Fire Questions.

1. Item that you can't leave home without... Phone
2. Funniest thing that's happened while on set? A chicken ran on to the set while I was cooking eggs and catering a movie.
3. Best thing about being married to Devon Lee? She is a women who cares about me and has not been changed by the biz.
4. Boxers or briefs?  Both. Its down to what I am doing that makes that choice.
5. Best thing about being an adult film star? I know more about sex than almost any man alive.  
6. Song that you can't get out of your head?  Its one of the tracks from Spartacus that plays in my sex scene with Jenna Presley.
7. Who's the better Spartacus: Liam McIntyre on the Starz series or Marcus London? Liam is the better actor, but I can fuck and act, so I guess that's 1 up for me.

A big thanks to Marcus London for taking time out of his busy schedule to take part in this interview. You can keep up with him and his latest projects by following him on Twitter at @marcuslondon. Also, you can pick yourself up a copy of Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning at or


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